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Sam's Club recently sent a letter of retailers is the awkward position of retail item-level applications in miniature. The letter begins by reiterating that the Sam's Club in all Sell The application of EPC tags commodity outlook and determination. But then said the timetable for the club before the labeling is no longer valid, and the new date has been set.

In the letter, Sam's Club relaxed pallet labeling requirements to inform the supplier prior to container labeling requirements are no longer mandatory, and the original item-level tagging for the period from October 31, 2010 postponed to uncertain date. The letter also said the wholesale-type retailers, "Goods sold are still required to achieve 100% of the EPC labeling" and RFID Checkout is still under development.

"We are from Sam's Club suppliers have learned a consensus is: even more confused than before we had" ABIResearchRFID MikeLiard research director, said, "Suppliers will change and the delay may be seen as one kind of suspension."

Sam's Club for container labeling becomes optional, but stressed that item-level labeling, which clearly reflects the company recognized the value of item-level tracking. However, the vague schedule and development program for providers and observers doubt: this value? How much?

Notification for the latest Sam's Club RFID item-level retail is more uncertain future

Industry research and analysis organization for the retail RFID applications VDCResearch chaos provides a possible answer, VDC said in a White Paper on inventory management to improve the retailer to improve its operational efficiency and the best interests of the opportunity, The item-level RFID to improve inventory management application is the best opportunity.

Article did not mention Sam's Club, but said such labeling requires the project hinders the item level, because it gives people a feeling of: RFID technology of the most interest is to obtain at the retail level, rather than distribution the entire supply chain. As a Sam's Club suppliers, said: "If Sam's Club distribution center will receive the vast majority of the interests of RFID applications, then perhaps the best place there is the labeling. Sam labeling new date has not changed our positioning of the RFID business. "

VDC report that the retail price of 15 dollars or more should be the implementation of item-level tagging of goods.

Although VDC views very clear, but it has not been widely recognized. Carried out by the retailer IHLGroup and RISNews IT System annual survey and report "2009 stores system" did not mention RFID. This means that regardless of the efforts made by Sam's Club, the vast majority of item-level tagging for retailers is not their primary concern, their concern is data security, selling booths, cash register systems and other store systems .

"Sometimes I think the whole industry so long to pay attention to trends in Wal-Mart and Sam's Club," Liard said, " Clothing And footwear industries have been successfully implemented in several single-product retailers, labeling, and other industrial applications are more and more, is not the only one retailer Wal-Mart, other retailers, the influence of it where? "

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Sam Delay Implementation Of Retail Rfid Applications Is Overwhelming-rfid-screen Special Printing

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Sam Delay Implementation Of Retail Rfid Applications Is Overwhelming-rfid-screen Special Printing

This article was published on 2011/01/25